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Final Fantasy VII-2 Fan "Tech Demo"

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Clidante said...

Mostly just a bit of humour, but I still quite impressive for a one man job :)
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 01/AUG/97
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 19/APR/98
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/MAR/08
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Release Date: 20/JUN/08
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Pretty nice work, have you seen the video of FFVII if it was an 8-bit game?
Hell no :D You need to link me that NOW (Too lazy for googling, and it's more fun this way).

I've been meaning to get into 3D modelling and animation for ages, had to drop my beginner self teaching when I started uni and just didn't have the time after (plus gave my hefty books away to a mate that was actually doing animation).

I have A LOT of free time on my hands at the moment (being unemployed >_<). So I need a new hobby to break up the obsessive jobsearching.

Starting with drawing again, then think I'm going to use those assets to work on some 3D digital art :)
Here it is.


It's not too impressive, kinda crappy MS Paint quality.
That was pretty awesome. The art work was a little lacklustre but I loved the 8bit music.

That made me all nostalgic for FF7 again :D Good thing I've got it laying about somewhere. If I can ever tear myself away from Phantasy Star Portable 2, finish FFXII, then 'maybe' I can get my FFVII fix again.

What was your first Final Fantasy game? VII was my first, and I was totally blown away by it as I'd never played a game like that before, but it's not my fave FF I don't think.
Ha! Of course Cloud would steal the fight. The 8-bit was pretty cool.
@Clidante My first FF was the original FF on the NES.
Okay, both of those videos (orig post, and EarthboundX's) were awesome. Laughed pretty hard at FFVII-2.

And FFIV was my first, but FFVI is still my absolute favorite FF as far as story and depth goes, and FFIX is my favorite as far as style goes.
In terms of pure aesthetics and the fondest memories FFXI is my favourite just because of the world it was set in and the community and stories you could forge with others and your own personal character.

Pure gameplay wise though I REALLY love FFXII, I've been playing it on my PC with an emulator as I spotted the game second hand for £3 a few months back and just had to have it. Still haven't finished it yet though.

The Playstation was my first console after the Sega Megedrive, and we tended to have mostly multiplayer arcade-y, platform and sports games, to cater for me, my two brothers and my Dad.

When I got a Playstation one Christmas (was the same Christmas that Tekken 3 hit the console as I got that with it) a friend insisted I tried this game of his, Final Fantasy VII.

I remember him telling me about it, but not really understanding the true scope of the game. I also remember laughing when he handed me the bulky case and I realised the game spanned many discs :p

The moment I saw that opening sequence though I was hooked. And since then I've been an FF addict. Delved back into the past to try some classics from the series and even appreciate the FFT series and Dissidia.

My love for Final Fantasy as a game series is unmatched at the moment, although I'm also a Phantasy Star, Tekken and Street Fighter addict.
Yup, I'm one of the rare gamers that started with the first Final Fantasy, so I'm not one of those people that think FFVII is the best one.
@EarthboundX I still believe Final fantasy 6 and 4 are the best FF games. Loved how 6 had some memorable characters and you could choose between any of them, that and they fleshed out their stories quite a bit.
@Neodarkside Yup, those are my two favorites as well.

I really enjoyed 12 too, I don't get why some people don't like it.
@EarthboundX I honestly did not even try 12. I had 11 for the 360... big mistake that was. 10 was... ok, did not try 10-2. So... I guess I am somewhat looking forward to at least trying 13. Don't give a damn if PS3 version looks better, I prefer my 360.
@Neodarkside The only difference I noticed from the PS3 and 360 versions of 13 is the hair, that's it.

Hell, one of the pics of the Ps3 version looked worse, in the lighting department.
@EarthboundX Meh, each console has its strengths and weaknesses. Some games look better, some don't. Saw a few pics of Ghostbusters 3 that just looked aweful on PS3, course then all the Playstation fanboys call foul! Personally, I just don't give a damn, I can look over at my bookcase and count off 20 360 titles I love, but I only have 3-5 games I'd get if I had the PS3.
@Neodarkside I literally can't understand the mentality of a fanboy, since I own all three current gen consoles, haha.

I am planning on getting the Ps3 version myself, for the familiarity with the controls.
As for the Ghostbusters game, I saw a comparison video on Gametrailers, it looked the same on both system to me.

I've beaten the PC version, and I own the 360 version, but hasn't played it yet.
First off, holy phallic logo, Batman! @EarthboundX No. no it doesn't. You may prefer the darker lighting of the 360 version, but it is less detailed than the PS3.
See my point...

Anyways, the pics I saw of the PS3 were blurry when it came to some graphics, the images on the 360 were sharper and some of the little things on the proton packs seemed more defined. Which is why I said the PS3 fanboys cried foul on them, they accused the person doing the comparison with doctoring up or running the pics on a bad PS3. Still my point is. WE DON'T CARE, its the same damn game, who cares if one system has better pixels than the other.
@Neodarkside Bayonetta and Darksiders beg to differ. aka: Sometimes, it's not the same damn game.
@xoaks Graphics do not always make the game. Playing Bayonetta right now, and the game is moving way to fast for detail, detail which would be lost anyways because I am focused on the action, not how many strands of hair I can see on her head. Its the same damn game...
@xoaks If by more light sources and less jaggies then yes it is more detailed. There is a funky bloom thing they have going on there too that I can't quite place. Blurring the edges does not acccount for more detail, look at all that aliasing on 360! Holy Red Ring of Death Batman!
Ah RROD, been there, done that...
@Neodarkside No. it is NOT.

As well as pretty much ever review where both versions were played.
@Neodarkside Sega did a shit job with the port. That's why, at the beginning of the PS3 version, they have that big "PORTED BY SEGA". Platinum didn't want people thinking that shit was their fault.
Hmm kinda like what I was saying about the 360 version of FFXIII, interesting...
@rawkr And as I'll be linking when both sites get their comparison videos up.
OK. You do realize that I am agreeing with you that the PS3 version looks better...right?
@rawkr I'm well aware of that, yes.
I really didn't think there was that much of a difference between PS3 and 360 graphics of the same games ad I've been shying away from the early FFXIII comparisons that were flying about from importers, but now I'm intrigued to see how this pans out.

I'm completely consoleless at the moment, so I won't be able to get XIII any time soon either way but I'm probably going to go with the PS3 version, as there's a few PS3 exclusives I'm interested in AND it'll breathe new life into my PSP (Yay, i'll finally be able to AdHoc Party).

Saying that though I'm not too worried about graphics, as long as the game is good, I'm sold.
@Clidante And it will still be good no matter what system you go with. But when one version of a game is less than half the size of the other, there is something wrong there.
@Clidante And what comparisons? The 360 version is only for overseas releases. This is the first anyone's seen of it.
@xoaks I saw some supposed comparison shots on a little while ago on Kotaku, but didn't bother reading the article. Just looked for it now and it was exposed as fake, so my bad :p
@xoaks Oh, I'm sorry, then I guess Bayonetta for 360 is not a game about a witch fighting the forces of heaven, but is instead a game about a cute little bunny exploring the world of happyland. I'm sorry but your arguement falls flat on its face. Even if it might be missing a few parts when it was ported its the same friggen game, you CANNOT argue that unless they gutted the entire thing and changed 50% of the game. Its like Dead Rising for 360 vs the Wii, its the same game but they removed some things, mainly Franks profession and half the zombies... ok bad example :P

My point is and continue to be, graphics don't mean squat compared to other systems to me. I am not playing the same game side by side at the same time. So if one is slightly blurry then the other, who gives a shit. Like I truely sit 2 inchs from the screen looking at the fabric of Bayonetta's dress, or trying to count how many strands of hair is on her head. I HATE it when websites try to do comparisions between 2 systems. I don't care. If PS3 can do things slightly better, kudos to them. I'm sorry, I do not pay attention to that fine of detail in a video game. I am playing it for the action. When something is moving that fast on the screen, any detail is lost anyways.

I HATE console wars, fanboys bragging their system is better then others. If someone speaks up about another system they rush to put them down. Seriously, chill out. We are gamers, we play games, who cares what system we play them on or if one system can do it better, smoother, or with nicer graphics than the other. Enjoy the game for what its worth.
@Neodarkside Uh oh, don't call her a fanboy. You wouldn't like her after calling her a fanboy. I found out the hard way.
@rawkr heh, she's already proven she is, like I honestly care. I just wish there was a ignore feature...
@Neodarkside And what the fuck am I a fanboy of, you ignorant fuck? I'm sorry your fucking majesty has to deign to dwell with internet trash like me, but them's the goddamn breaks. You stupid stupid twat. The Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta is better: More detailed, less fucking janky, better load times. The PlayStation 3 version of Darksiders (and FFXIII) is better: Tighter graphics, less screen tearing. The fucking Wii versions of The Force Unleashed and Ghostbusters are best: More fun. It's simple fucking market research. Games cost too damn much for me to want to waste my money on a markedly inferior product. If there's similar enough, I'll look at DLC. If that's the same too I'll go with what console I would prefer playing this on. PROTIP: The 360's fucked d-pad weighs in on this (but rest assured only fanboyism allows you to see flaws in a system) If I'm playing something multiplayer I usually go with 360. Sorry, your fanboyism claim fall kinda flat. Or did you not notice I was championing the 360 in this case, you goddamn bitchass cocksucking motherfucking cunt twat fuckoff douche bag asshat? :3
Ahaha~ I think I added a few new words for the censor to catch~
@xoaks whew someone blew a fuse there or just broke the censor. Ok so you aren't a Playstation Fanboy, maybe I just enjoy messing with you :P that and I did misread the original post. So I sowwy :(
I love it when xoaks gets angry :D Although I'd never want to be on the receiving end.

AND it's sad, but this is my most popular post ever in my entire time on GamerDNA. Maybe I should post junk more often that can start arguments :D
@Neodarkside People have trigger, "Fanboy" is one of mine. and rawkr warned you.

Fan (derived from fanatic): This only applies in very limited circumstances such as referring to Kingdom Hearts or my system of choice, the DS. Yes, the DS. I've bought every iteration and will, at some point, buy an XL.

Boy: Never applies.
@Clidante Don't feel bad. My most popular post was me saying goodbye and leaving (PROTIP: It got better)
@xoaks That understandable the DS is legendary, not only is it great for "gamers" but it's drawn in a crowd of non-gaming types and also helped some young-uns experience classics that were before their time.

My fiance spent so much time yoinking my DS in China that I wound up buying her one for Christmas just so I could play mine, and between FFCC and Soma Bringer we've had some of my best co-op RPG experiences to date.

Heck, even her 60 year old mum has her own and plays addictive puzzle games obsessively.

My DS Lite has served me fine since I got it, so don't think I'll be upgrading anytime soon. Would rather put the money towards getting myself a console again since I'm missing out on loads of games.

And yeah, I try not to get too disheartened about my popularity here. I try to post interesting snippets of game news every now and then, but unless you either nudge people (don't like overusing it) or have someone uber popular to drop a few posts on it and get the attention of others then they usually go unnoticed.

It's a very hit or miss affair :D
DSi got my money for the ArtStyle game and WayForward. But I can't get in the store anymore cause I'll have to upgrade and I refuse to lock out my Acekard (aka the only way for me to play Soma Bringer. And 7th Dragon. And Blood of Bahamut. And Cross Treasures. And likely SaGa 2)
Have 7th Dragon and Blood of Bahumut been fansub/translated then? I've not really been on the lookout for them.

Soma Bringer is an amazing RPG, especially for a handheld game. And the co-op was fantastic. It's a co-op RPG very well done.

Smartcarts are a necessary evil for me (being broke and horribly unemployed) and even more so because I was living in China for a year and couldn't really pop into a store and buy myself English DS games :( It's PSP or nothing in that country...

Oh and flashed 360s.
@xoaks not really a trigger for me, I just hate them, as I stated in previous posts, it boils my blood when I see someone bashing another system for stupid reasons, then going out of their way to defend their chosen system to the point of insulting others. Sat through to many "My system is better" topics and watched to many flame wars.

Me, I like my 360, I want a PS3 and maybe...maaaaaaybe a Wii at some point. Not to keen on motion control and praying Project Natal dies quickly, hearing rumors fable 3 will be fully integrated. I don't want to run around my living room like a retard playing a hack and slash adventure. Rather sit in my Comfy Chair™ and enjoy it with a controller.
@Neodarkside I'm still not sure how Natal, and Sony's dildo are gonna work out
@Neodarkside I don't this any system is better than the others, but I do this each has it's strong points. Graph Whoring = PS3. Online = 360. First Party Software = Wii. RPG = DS. Crushing Disappointment = PSP. Innovation = PSPGo. and yes. Natal is going to fail, especially now that it no longer has it's own processing power and will instead consume up to 15% of the 360's. Arc/Gem is stupid too. This is a direct attempt by M$ and Sony to go after Nintendo's market share in spite of have NO CLUE why people are buying the Wii (PROTIP: IT'S NOT THE DAMN MOTION CONTROLS)
@Clidante Soma Bringer = Yes
7th Dragon = Half
Blood of Bahamut = Not at all

But I can play through a game entirely in Japanese. (hello multiple Kingdom Hearts!)
@xoaks Although I saw you bashing it in another post I LOVE the Phantasy Star Online/Universe/Zero group of games and have made a habit of playing them through in Japanese just to get my fix of the game the year or so before it FINALLY arrives over here (here being England).

Obsessed with and loving Phantasy Star Portable 2 at the moment. My PSP is never too far away. Except bedtime, don't think my fiance would appreciate it.

But I do like to have some English in order to better understand and delve into the mechanics of the game (especially an RPG), but familiarisation with the Phantasy Star game has served me well with early Japanese imports of the series.

Soma Bringer I've played through with the full translation. I think I'll wait a while on the others.
@Clidante The fuck did I bash Phantasy Star?

Wait are you talking about when I called PS0 and PSP Monster Hunter clones? I guess I should clarify: I fucking love MH clones and I tend to buy all of them. I need them to make less so I can actually have money.

MH type games I own (that I can think of off the top of my head):
Phantasy Star Portable
Dynasty Warrior StrikeForce
White Knight Chronicles
Phantasy Star 0
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
The Exorsister
@xoaks What's The Exorsister? Never heard of that one.
@EarthboundX Google is still your friend.
@xoaks Wow, they are comparing it to Onechanbara, not a good sign, hehe.

That's because it's a lovably terrible game. So bad it's good. Just like Onechanbara~~
@xoaks you're my hero.
@xoaks I worked at Walmart during the initial 2 years of Wii's release and every ad that came out we had people camping for 12 hours to get one. Most everyone bought it because it was the cheapest of the 3 systems at the time.

However when I see the system I see 90% of the games being made by unknown or 3rd party companies, most of which grace the 5 dollar bin on day 1 of its life. Probably something you can download off Popcap games or somewhere. They are cheaply made and only a attempt on milking the cash cow while they can. Maybe 10% of that 90% are actually worthwhile and got nice reviews, Carnival games is one that comes to mind, actually got great reviews. (actual statistics are probably alot different but those are my views).

I really hope Project Natal flops early, so more games I really want to get will not get made for it.

I wouldn't say 360's biggest strength is online, granted its got neat games for Multiplayer, PS3's network is free were you have to pay for 360's. To me it has a much wider range of genre's and alot more of them, maybe, I dunno. All I know is theres more games for the 360 I enjoyed that were not on the Ps3, least not to begin with.
@xoaks I suppose that's true, I want to try Onechanbara, just to see how bad it is, haha.
@EarthboundX It's campy bad. Like Snakes on a Plane.
@Neodarkside This is the ONE AND ONLY time I'll ever hold up Metacritic. Wii has some amazingly good games that just don't sell. AKA No More Heroes. Which (assuming they come to America) you should get the 360 version instead of the PS3:
1) The PS3 version is censored.
2) NMH was originally a 360 game. Suda51 happened to like the idea of slashing with a wiimote (NOTE: No More Heroes is not a wagglefest.)

No More Heroes is my second favorite game series.
@wastelander75 I'm your what now?
@xoaks The only time I ever checked Metacritic was when Game Informer ran a review on them, I looked at some of the scores they gave some games and scoffed at it, never went back. I don't trust IGN because personally I think they are PS3 fanboys who do reviews, I checked reviews for a 360 game and they tore it apart, giving it a extremely low score, checked 3 other sites and they gave it a high score. Read a review on a PS3 game, they raved about it, those 3 sites.. hated it. I actually like Game Informers reviews, haven't done me wrong yet, only a few times have I disagreed on a score given.

I thought Red Steel and NMH sounded cool, I do however like the idea of swinging a sword around in certain games, oddly... I want to see the return of Bushido Blade for the Wii.. however add a bit of blood to it as it was way to tame for the PSone, and slow. Hell in a game like that, slashing someone with a sword better draw blood or lose an arm or two.
Red Steel is kinda terrible. NMH/2 may well be the bloodiest game I've ever played. Between that and MadWorld (another great Wii exclusive game).
@xoaks Red Steel apparently had potential, but I think they rushed it, they are saying Red Steel 2 should be better. I never looked into NMH much, kinda surprised Nintendo let it slide with the blood in it. I still remember parents looking at that game in the game cases and then going "Oh My god.. I am not letting MY kids play it." Meanwhile I'm thinking "10 bucks bet you bought him Grand Theft Auto for christmas last year..."
@Neodarkside Huh? What do you mean? The Wii may have the goriest game ever made, MadWorld.

Nintendo's censoring days are over.
The Wii might also have the game with the most cursing ever, The House of the Dead: Overkill.
The word Fuck is said so many times, by the end of the game, it pretty much loses all meaning, haha.
@EarthboundX Eh, Manhunt 2 before its ESRB attack was, they were forced to reduce alot of graphics. Nintendo itself is still kid friendly, and they are not a big fan of gory or bloody games, but lately they have been allowing more to get the older and more hardcore gamers. Look at what they did to Dead Rising... Dead Rising now with 50% less zombies... and fun, get yours today, cuz its probably sitting in the value bin at walmart.
@Neodarkside Less zombies had to do with hardware limits, nothing to do with gore.
@EarthboundX meh, still looks like they censored it. either way, Nintendo is allowing more and more, but they are still pretty anal about it. I'll laugh when Nintendo itself produces a violent gory game.
@Neodarkside Well seeing as I find Nintendo to be the best first party game developer, seem they don't need to be ultra violent to make great games.
@EarthboundX Not saying they don't make great games, just saying they've had the track record of being kid friendly for a very long time. Not that once in awhile they let one slip through, hell, Turok and its Cerebral Bore gun, parents flipped when they saw that one in action.
@Neodarkside You shut your mouth. Nintendo published Eternal Darkness.
@xoaks Is it as campy as Wet? Because I actually enjoyed that title for its cheesiness. It was like Tarrantino wanted to make a Max Payne style game. It wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, but more a spoof of gimicky action games.
I am speaking of Onechabara of course.
@rawkr More so. Wet is mediocre to bad. Onechanbara is bad funny. Like "Why does the girl who doesn't need a bra have bounce animation?"
Pardon my obvious perversion, but that just got it a rental.
And if you played the original DOA cabinets, their physics were active when they were standing still. I guess its just knowing your audience.
@xoaks Never played it, so I wouldn't know.

Oh God, I bought Wet, and then sold it after 2 days. I keep hearing about Onechambara, would like to at least try it, but no one near me has a copy. The AI apparently is retarded, someone posted a youtube video of the character just tapping directions with the enemies just standing around beside her. Thats also the game that keeps trying to say the young asian girl is 18, not like... 15. So they got playboy to show a pic of her with bigger boobs, kinda like saying "Of course she's 18.... see... please don't sue us for underage girls in state of undress in our game!"
@rawkr In the home versions if you jump and hit pause their breasts keep bouncing >_<
LOL. Good to know. I really didn't intend to take the conversation there but...LoL...
@Neodarkside Well, they are zombies.
@Neodarkside I assume the age of consent is lower in Japan.
@xoaks Man I wish they would make a sequel to Eternal Darkness, the true ending set it up for one.
@EarthboundX @xoaks Did someone mention Eternal Darkness? I still need to run through that game for the third time.
@xoaks Most zombie games I play if you get close to one they latch on and start nomming on my neck.
@EarthboundX don't think it has anything to do with age of consent. They just caught flak for having a younger looking girl bouncing around nearly naked. Wether its true, no clue, just read it somewhere.
@rawkr Heh Penny Arcade.. I need to go back and read some of the older comics, I quit reading several years ago, got way to many webcomics I am pretty far behind on. I think I read up to maybe 2008, I don't recall.
@Neodarkside They do that.
@Neodarkside But somehow X-blades didnt get any flack? Similar concept, young-ish looking scantly-clad female protagonist. Why no big deal there?
@rawkr Can't comment on a game I don't know or never played, I saw X-blades in stores and never heard anything about it. I assume X-blades isn't a cheesy dress up your character and hack zombies apart like Onechambara is?
@Neodarkside @rawkr X-Blades is also awesomely bad.
@rawkr And I'm going to point out Onechanbara has actual (partial) nudity.
More than Mass Effect, that is.
More well lit.
@Neodarkside I haven't read 8-bit theater for a few years now, last time I checked, it's over a 1000 comics now.
Hmmm. Interesting.
I wish Secret of Mana theater was still around, it hasn't been updated since 2005.
Pretty sure Onechanbara has a shower scene where you see the girl/woman's butt.
@rawkr God, have you seen the unskippable of that game. You gotta love how they talk about the girl carrying 2 giant broadswords, in her thong!
@EarthboundX They stopped updating SOMTheatre? Damn!

How far exactly did they go exactly?
@Fallout2Forever Turns out I was wrong, it ended in 2002.

@EarthboundX Yep, in Japan, the legal age is either 14 or 16 if I remember correctly. What's more, there's no such thing as consent there either, so rape isn't a crime there.
@EarthboundX Wonder why it ended.
@Fallout2Forever Not sure that thing about rape not being a crime is true.
Yup, rape is a crime in Japan.


Japan does have the highest number of rape cases in the world though, which is pretty sick.
@EarthboundX It's not true. In 1995, a military man got hit with rape of a Okinawan 12 y.o. and 3 Marines got it for a 14 y.o. in 2008.
@xoaks Not sure what you are saying, it sounds like you are saying rape is a crime in Japan, which is what I said.
EarthboundX said 20 minutes ago @Fallout2Forever Not sure that thing about rape not being a crime is true.
xoaks said 7 minutes ago @EarthboundX It's not true.
@EarthboundX Oh god, Secret of Mana theatre was GREAT. I loved that sprite comic, saved them all to my HD. haven't read 8-Bit theatre in forever either, I quit around 800 on that one too. The artist vanished around 2003, last I recall they were exploring the Witchs Castle Elene or something.

Awesomely bad huh for X-blades, meaning badass, or the game is bad (sucks)?

As for Rape in Japan, I thought the last I heard Sex Crimes in japan were the lowest in the world, since they are more open to the human body and don't censor things like Sex?
@xoaks OK, after reading your comment again I get it, I think I've been drinking too much Mountain Dew, haha.

Too much caffeine...
@Neodarkside I don't know, from what I've read, Japan has the highest in the world.
@EarthboundX Always thought it was the other way around, not really a subject I go looking to read when I log onto my computer of course :P
@Neodarkside ....Japan censors sex.
@EarthboundX Wow, once again I was lied to.

I really need to think about what I hear, or at least do a bit of research.
From some random website: # Although the age of sexual consent in Japan is 13 years of age, prefecture law usually overrides federal law, raising the age up to 18.

That's a good thing.
I ask again though, why was SOMTheatre cancelled?
@Fallout2Forever There was never any answer, it just stopped.
@rawkr Between Onechanbara and X-Blades, Onechanbara is better. Onechanbara is what the first or even the beta of Dynasty Warriors 1 probably was. As for X-Blades that game is really weak. The controls, music, story and over all fun are just lacking.

If I had to choose between Wet or X-Blades it would be Wet, and I didn't like Wet. Onechanbara is stupid but fun.
@Fallout2Forever I've never heard of SOMTheatre so I'll be no help.
@xoaks I always find it weird when I come across Japanese porn with everything blurred out.
@DarthOdium I saw somewhere that it isn't even the sex itself that is the issue, it is some kind of cultural thing against pubic hair. And why bother watching porn if it's blurred out? And although Wet didn't blow my mind (hehe no pun intended), I liked it for what it was. Its worth picking up in the bargain bin, or renting for a weekend. There were plenty of "Holy Shit" action scenes that I thought were done well. The reliance on perpetual bullet-time I can do without though.
It was worse than Stranglehold in that department.
I am now interested in this thread
@rawkr I agree Stranglehold played better than Wet. I liked Wets style but I was disappointed how the gameplay was.
@rawkr As for the Japanese porn that's interesting about the pubic hair. I think the blurring is a waste of time and when the girls sound like they are being hurt I find Japanese porn disturbing at times.
@bettadud I seriously can hardly remember what this thread was originally about, and I created it :p
@Clidante Something about a video game or something.

Final Fatality or something?
@DarthOdium Nah, it's the genitals themselves, nothing to do with pubic hair.
@EarthboundX Well, if his final video was any indication, maybe he lost his ability to make it funny.
@Clidante that's impressive
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